Who is behind Life Artist?

Life Artist is developed and implemented by Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Together with experts from different fields, we work on making Life Artist and astonishing experience and community. This is the beta version of Life Artist we experiment with and learn from constantly.

Who are we at Life Artist and who will I meet?

Life Artist is a community of curiosity-driven people at the age of 25-35 searching for new inspiration. Life Artist connects you with individuals you wouldn’t get to know otherwise. We bring you together with people who will inspire you and who, by exchanging ideas and experiences, will enable you to grow. At Life Artist we connect people based on their interest in personal and professional development and willingness to grow. Life Artists are curious, inspiring, tolerant and authentic people. They are passionate, open-minded and hungry for new ideas, thoughts and experiences.

How do I join?

You become a member of Life Artist by investing commitment, passion and a monthly fee of €5 (the beta version is free of charge). You follow the rules of the community and believe in professional and personal growth through inspiration. On applying to join the Life Artist community, you will receive a profile to fill out and return to us. As soon as that is completed, you are invited to meet fellow Life Artists at our classes. In the six-month trial period of the Life Artist beta version, you can take part in three classes. A diverse community is one of our main goals; if gender is unbalanced, we reserve the right to postpone your application until the balance is readdressed.

How do I learn about classes?

On the first day of the month, you’ll receive an e-mail with the dates of the following month’s classes as well as an invitation to sign up. In general, it is expected that you are willing to be a host of the event or speaker from time to time. Signing up for an event is binding. Only committed people can be passionate Life Artists. Once you have confirmed an event, we charge €20 for excused absence. Unexcused absence leads to the exclusion from the Life Artist community.

What does a class look like in detail?

A class is a two hour event during working time with seven Life Artists of whom one takes on the role of the host while the others take on the roles as contributors who are willing to engage during the session (with inspirational talks, organisational issues, etc.). After you have registered for a class, we’ll let you know which role you are assigned to. As a host, you invite other Life Artists to your own company or to any other appropriate location in a professional setting, take care of the agenda and guide with inspiration through the session. As a contributing Life Artist, you might be asked to give a short talk on something you are passionate about. Between the inspirational talks, all participants get to know each other in one-on-one 10-minutes personal conversations. At the end of an evening, the host sees each guest out.

How do I give feedback?

The philosophy of the Life Artist community is to meet new, inspiring people, grow and share experiences. To understand which members have really inspired you, we request your impressions of each person you meet through Life Artist. We’ll ask for your feedback on how curious, authentic, competent and inspiring you perceived your counterpart. In addition, you can choose whether or not you want to see the person again. Only in the case of mutually positive feedback will you be given their personal contact details. It is therefore strictly forbidden to exchange private contact details, unless validated by such feedback. Breaking this rule leads to the exclusion from the Life Artist community.

Where do I give feedback?

After your meeting, you’ll receive an e-mail inviting your feedback for each person you met at a class. This feedback is evaluated anonymously by us and reported to you confidentially. In the case of a Life Artist match, you will receive an e-mail with contact information of your counterpart Life Artist.