Life Artists – Grow from the unexpected

Grow from
the unexpected


What are our values and aims? This is our Manifesto:


I am passionate and authentic in what I do and I am willing to strive for excellence.


I am curious and seek the perspective of different people.


I am willing to open up and share my experiences, opinions and ideas.


I believe that personal and professional change means letting other people into my life and confronting myself with new, diverse perspectives.


I strive for new experiences in order to get a better understanding of myself, my profession/business and the world.


I am willing to expand my knowledge and network in an active and engaged way.


I cherish diversity in all its dimensions.


I want to develop the community by being an active creator and partner of the Life Artist network.

Life Artist is a community that enables you to grow by meeting inspiring people and discovering new ideas

What happens at Life Artist?

It all starts with a personalised invitation. If you are reading this, then most probably we‘ve noticed that you are an open-minded, inquisitive person who is eager to grow. We would like you to be one of the co-creators of our Life Artist community.

To join us and become a Life Artist, read our manifesto first. Do you agree with it? Would you like to meet more people who also search for new inspirations? If so, quickly register and we will invite you to our first community events.

Registration is quick and easy. All you have to do is to leave us your name and e-mail-address. You also need to agree to our manifesto and to be an engaged member of the community who, at one point or another, will be willing to become a speaker or a host at one of our first events - classes.

After you register, we will ask you to fill out a profile, which will enable us to match you with diversified, inspiring peers.

We believe that truly exeptional communities are those that consist of co-creators who meet as equals. At some point, we would love for you to become a speaker at or a host of the classes, during which you will be able to share your unique values and learnings, as well as drive the discussion.

Our first events – classes – are small groups of about 6 Life Artists and last for approximately 2 hours. Based on your profile and feedback, we'll create an algorithm just for you, which will match you at future events only with individuals that will truly inspire you.

During the classes you will have a chance to experience one-on-one 10-minute conversations with each class participant and listen to insirational talks. which will broaden your perspective on valuable professional or personal issues. We are aiming for a community of entrepreneurs, designers, activists, scientists, innovators and other curious minds, so you won’t be disappointed.

After each class, you‘ll be asked to share your feedback about the other participants and subjects discussed. This will enable us to match you with increasingly stimulating people. As we don’t want our classes to be mere business card exchanges, you‘ll only be able to swap contact details after the class, when both you and your interlocutor will give positive feedback about each other. Every month you will receive private feedback, which will be another opportunity for you to develop and grow over the course of time.

Life Artist classes will provide you with an unmatched opportunity to meet your future friends, employees or employers, mentors or mentees, co-travellers and other inspiring individuals. Let the journey begin!

To grow, you need to meet inspiring new people and discover new ideas. Life Artist community is here to help you grow from the unexpected encounters and insights.

Have unexpected conversations and grow professionally and personally


This is the beta-version of Life Artist, a project developed and implemented by Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Together with experts from different fields, we work on making Life Artist an astonishing experience and community. We experiment with and constantly learn from the beta version of our project.

As one of the first users, you have the opportunity to apply for membership to the trial version of Life Artist. The beta version of our community is free of charge. To become a member of the Life Artist community, you will be asked to commit to our manifesto and become a speaker or a host at some of our events.

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    “I didn’t expect the classes to be so intense right from the beginning. After a warm welcome from the host, the atmosphere was characterized by absolute openness and willingness of the participants to share their expertise and experience!”

    – Petra, 42, actress and coach


    “To meet so different, yet very interesting people made me leave my comfort zone – Life Artist offered me an adventure I would never have found myself.“

    – Rudolf, 45, founder and CEO


    “My most amazing experience of the year! The intense and personal one-on-one discussions at the classes really moved me and made me think about my perspective.“

    – Daniel, 38, creative director

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    any questions?

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    to contact us or read our FAQ

    Life Artist is an experimental project lead by Quadriga University.